Company Profile

United laboratories India PVT LTD was formed in 1953 as a private limited company and later acquired by the BM Group in 2013.

Ultilab is a new division of this very old legendary United Laboratories. Talking about United Laboratories we must go back to from where it all began. It started with the joint effort of Mr Sudip Das Gupta, Mr Proffula Das Gupta & Mr Mamdi based out of West Bengal, In 1950 there were very few competitors in the pharmaceutical industry and these people saw the gap and need of the common people. They invested all their money and time to this business and started with liquid formulations in a small laboratory. Soon when business in 1953 was good they invested on a small piece of land and set up a manufacturing unit at Baranagar Kolkata. Though business did well there were issues within the partners and the company was sold after 40 years and since then management has changed a few times due to insufficient funds, the progress of business came to a halt. Meanwhile, Binod Misra an entrepreneur from Odisha wished to step into pharmaceuticals and there came the opportunity in 2013 when he was offered the proposal for United and he didn't have to think twice before he added another business to his organisation portfolio.

The fortune of the organisation has taken a turn for good when Mr Binod Misra decides to make United Laboratories India as one of the major focus businesses in his group of companies. Hiring top professionals from the industry and giving the responsibility to his next generation to turn the tables and write a new chapter for the organisation. The combined force of new era business management and industry professionals the organisation got an extra edge over its competitors. Lot has significantly changed with newly hired professionals, factory acquisitions and setting up new modern laboratories.

Since 2018 there has been no looking back, there are new developments through our new R&D facilities at Baranagar plant, also 2019 marks a new start to a bright future of the organisation with the Launch of Ultilab, a star mark in getting the latest formulations in various segments of medicines across India.
Aim of the company is to achieve excellence in healthcare through serving the masses with common and effective medications.